Have the world to yourself. Go for that one break you’ve been hell-bent on taking, and make the most out of it by choosing the perfect home for you. Feel like absolute royalty when you check in at an idyllic Sunshine Coast holiday resort such as Noosa Tropicana – yes, get home ‘suite’ home feels right in the heart of Sunshine Coast with ideal Sunshine Coast Holiday Apartments that put a premium on comfort, luxury, and relaxation.

Conveniently nestled along Noosa Parade, Noosa Sound, Noosa Tropicana takes pride in its luxuriously designed apartments with first-rate guest amenities, which are guaranteed to help you unwind at your own time.

Here are some of the resort’s beautiful features:

A wide range of rooms to choose from. Whether you are traveling with a small family or a big group of friends, Noosa Tropicana is winning when it comes to providing you with loads options – let these one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments, which come with BBQ and Spa configurations, address your space and budget preferences.

Sometimes, a lagoon-style pool is all you need to jumpstart your day. This awesome swimming pool is a cool place to hang out to kill some time in the morning.

You can also hide in the library. Do you consider yourself a bookworm? Well then, lucky you. Noosa Tropicana has this mini library that lets you take comfort in a great book you might find from the shelves.

Barbecue parties are always welcome. There is always time for barbecue parties with your mates. Get your tongs and apron ready and let the inner BBQ master chef take over the grilling sesh. Enjoy your barbecue meal with a bottle of beer and good company, of course.

Ask the masters of Sunshine Coast, our tour desk. First time on Sunshine Coast? No worries, we’ve got the best consultants in town. Consult our tour desk for the best destinations when it comes to the food, music, shopping, and arts scene. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the staggeringly vast number of possibilities.

Book online to skip the hassle. Noosa Tropicana is just an easy click away. To reserve any of our holiday units, http://noosatropicana.etourism.net.au today.


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