Nothing beats home. At Noosa Tropicana, we give you the feeling of home even when you are miles away. If you and your loved ones are planning a holiday weekend off to Sunshine Coast, make sure you settle for Sunshine Coast Holiday Apartments that give you that feeling of a home sweet home. Located along Noosa Parade, Noosa Sound, Noosa Tropicana is everything you need out of a home, and more. From luxuriously designed apartments to thoughtfully curated guest amenities, you are welcome to stay as family at Noosa Tropicana.

As we’re on the subject of feeling right at home, we give you a rundown of our resort’s features that will help you achieve utter relaxation:

Sunshine Coast Holiday Apartments

Start swimmingly days with refreshing dip in our pool. A home with a swimming pool is a home sweet home, indeed.  Sometimes an hour’s worth of wading by our lagoon-style pool is all you need to clear your mind.

A library. Perfect for book lovers, the resort’s mini library is a cosy space for letting your imagination run loose while you take comfort in a new book from our shelf.

Proximity is everything. Whether it’s hearing buskers serenade you while you shop for souvenir items at nearby weekend markets or spending a great time over at Ginger Factory, the convenience of being a heartbeat away from attractions is everything to the practical traveler.

Enjoy barbecue parties, backyard style. Homemade barbecue is always the best. At Noosa Tropicana, we’ve got a spacious barbecue facility that can accommodate friends and family. Ready your barbecue ingredients and tools for a fun grilling evening.

Personalise your Sunshine Coast holiday experience with the help of our tour desk. Seek helpful advice on the best restos to dine, activities to check out, and more when you schedule your visit to Sunshine Coast. There are plentiful possibilities found in the vibrant hub such as Noosa that can match your personality.

You may view and book our affordable accommodation deals via today, and we’ll see you soon, yes?


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