Sunshine Coast is easily one of the most visited locations on this side of Queensland. Its majestic natural wonders, vibrant cultural landscape, and friendly atmosphere are just some of the qualities Sunshine Coast takes pride in. And if you are in for a week-long holiday with the best people in the world, be they your family or bestest friends, you can never go wrong with choosing Sunshine Coast.

Choosing your second home is another crucial question any traveler would ask oneself. Look no further, folks. Noosa Tropicana is an idyllic choice for holidaymakers who are looking to book a Noosaville Resort, but if you need some more convincing, then we’re here to make a case.

We are this close to your favourite destinations. Noosa Tropicana is strategically situated along Noosa Parade, Noosa Sound, which places us in the centre of everything you need out of a perfect Sunshine Coast holiday. Our proximity to Sunshine Coast’s must-see destinations is clearly one of the reasons why our loyal patrons choose us all the time.

Enjoy a wide selection of apartments featured in our Noosa Family Resort. We’ve expanded our apartment options to cater to our clients’ various lifestyle, size, and budget requirements. You have the option to save or splurge. Our establishment offers a wide range of one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments.

A mini library. How cool is that? Bibliophiles will surely want to spend their down times going through pages of literature.

Get fast wireless Internet connection. Type hashtag touch down Sunshine Coast! Post those travel status updates in a jiffy with our speedy and reliable Internet connectivity.

Take a dip in our sparkling swimming pool or host barbecue parties all you want. A swimming pool or barbecue party is always a great idea. You can always choose to start or cap your day off with a laidback morning or evening lounging over at our swimming pool and barbecue area with your family and friends.

Try our online booking service. Gone are the days where booking can prove to be such a chore. Today, with just a click of a finger, you can secure your holiday address for the weekend. Simply visit to view our list of available rooms.

Make Noosa Tropicana the cherry on top of your Sunshine Coast holiday this year!

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