Soar high above the Sunshine Coast and enjoy spectacular views on a helicopter or jetpack! Yes, a jetpack!

If you love a good thrill and even greater heights, this could be the perfect activity for you.

The jetpack experience is a 30-minute flight over the Sunshine Coast. You have an option to choose a jetpack, flyboard, or jetovator.

The first ever jetpack experience in Australia started in 2012. It consists of flying through the air as you’re propelled by the 20-metre hose and 2 jet nozzles attached to the pack. This will have you flying up to 45 feet or 14 metres in the air! There is a five-point safety harness to ensure your safety.

How about a hoverboard or a flyboard? It’s just like the jetpack only the nozzles are attached to your feet which will allow you to dive in and out of the water like a dolphin. Or better yet, you can soar through the air like Superman.

The latest device is called the jetovator. It’s a water-powered bike that allows you to ride it over the water!

Each of the three experiences are 30 minutes of fun and for safety, there will be a pre-flight briefing. This briefing will be conducted by your professional guide. The guide will also help you with your wetsuit, life jacket, and radio helmet. There will be a 10-minute water demonstration and training session before you can soar high on your own.

If you are into more laidback experiences, maybe you can try out a 10-minute scenic helicopter flight over the Sunshine Coast.

This helicopter flight will show you amazing vistas above the city, beaches and islands. The pilot will be giving a commentary on the sights you’ll be seeing such as Bribie Island, Kings beach, and Moffat beach.

Your starting point is at the Caloundra airport where there will be a briefing and helicopter orientation. After that, it’s up, up and away for you!

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Image Source : Jetpack Adventures

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