Show off your picture-perfect moments online the next time you hit the shores of Sunshine Coast. Have a long-lasting proof of your amazing outdoor adventure through your incredibly healthy, sun-kissed skin. But before you head out, it’s important to remember a few simple reminders that can help you avoid self-tanning booboos.

First, exfoliate your skin by gently scrubbing it with a sponge or loofah. Also remove unneccessary hair. Getting rid of dead skin cells and hair will help you achieve an even and longer lasting tan.

Before you head out of your apartment, don’t forget to slather sunscreen products onto your skin. Save yourself from getting skin cancer in the future. There are heaps of SPF-formulated products available in the market. Condition your skin and hair 15-30 minutes before heading outside.

Also, this is the perfect time to skip applying cosmetics. Keep away from items such as makeup, deodorants and perfumes that may have adverse effects on your skin when exposed to the sun. Be sure to carry your travel umbrellas and wear stylish hats and body coverups to protect you from the sun.

Another secret among self-tanning is to tan moderately. Don’t overdo it. Avoid going directly under the sun from 10AM onwards because the UV rays are the strongest during this time of the day. Avoid suffering from terrible sunburns and rashes by soaking up the sun for 20 minutes or less every day until your desired complexion is achieved.

This last tip never gets old – hydrate. Don’t forget to have your bottle of water ready as you go out. Going under the sun dries your skin out easily, and while eight to ten glasses of water is ideal, you might need to drink more if you decide to prolong your outdoor itinerary.

Be good to your body, no matter what the season. We hope these reminders will help you achieve a healthy vibe.

Head out to Noosa Tropicana for a hassle-free Noosaville Resort weekend vacay. Find a home in any of our modern and stylish apartments, complete with WiFi access, a cool mini library perfect for bookworms, a swimming pool and barbecue area, and reliable tour desk staff members who can help you discover the wonders hidden in Noosa and the Sunshine Coast!

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