Swimming is a healthy activity. So if you do it regularly, you don’t need to go on a gym to workout anymore because moving against the water is already a great exercise to your body.

With every stroke you make in the water, your heart rate increases, which does an amazing job to your cardiovascular system. Then your muscles, lungs, endurance, and body’s balance, posture, flexibility, and coordination are all improved, as your muscles get toned, too. Swimming is also a powerful stress reliever because of its soothing and relaxing effects.  So if you’re already into the habit, you have already been in a healthy lifestyle.

This January 30, 2015, Saturday, take your love for swimming to the next level and get yourself in a challenge as the third Noosa Summer Swim commence in Noosa Heads.

Since the event is now part of the World Series Swim, a bigger swimming event that links swimming events all over Queensland, its ambassador and Olympian Michael Klim will lead the start of the line of this Noosa event.

You may choose amongst the options that you think you can compete best at. There’s the Junior Giants Series for swimmers ages eight to 16, where there are the 300 Metre Dash for kids ages eight to 16, and the One Kilometre Junior Giants for those within the age range of 10 to 16.

For adults, there’s the Noosa 1.0 or the One Kilometre Short Course for who are still quite new to swimming, the Noosa 2.0 or the Two Kilometre Long Course—the main event—which will be participated by some of Australia’s magnificent pool and open water swimmers, and the Noosa 3.0 or the Three Kilometre Marathon Distance for those who are up for a greater challenge.

Winners to each category will get Speedo Australia vouchers, and those participating in the Noosa 3.0 will get a chance to take home cash prizes.

Get a Noosaville Resort that has a swimming pool so you can practice before the big event, and a guaranteed relaxing environment so you can take your much deserved rest after the event. With that, choose Noosa Tropicana.

If you want to know more about our Noosa holiday apartments, visit http://noosatropicana.etourism.net.au/.


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