Our holiday apartments feature a great range of facilities designed to make your stay with us one to remember. We offer our guests the use of our swimming pool. Take an invigorating morning swim in our pool to get your day started. You can also top off your day with an evening swim to burn some calories to keep yourself fit and fab. Our pool is equipped with multiple sun loungers and poolside daybeds so you can make the most of the sunshine. Enjoy a lazy afternoon in our pool while you stretch out your legs and enjoy a good book. We also have a heated pool where you can relax and unwind. Step in, and leave your worries behind as you let the heat and bubbles melt your stress away and soothe your tired muscles. Our heated pool is perfect for the winter and cold weather. There’s nothing like stepping into a warm pool to relax and unwind during the cold season. Our property is surrounded with carefully manicured tropical gardens to give it a lush natural ambience. Feel free to enjoy our tropical gardens by reading a good book in a garden chair or simply sit back and relax.

We also have barbecue facilities so you can enjoy a special bonding moment with your friends and family. Roast some chops and enjoy a nice al fresco lunch while swapping stories. There’s nothing like a good old barbecue to complete your holiday. If you need help planning your itinerary, our tour desk staff can help you book tours, concerts and attractions as well as arrange transportation. Just sit back and relax and let us handle your ticket bookings and reservations. Leave everything up to us. We’ll make sure you’ll have a grand time.   

Book our Sunshine Coast Holiday Apartments now at http://noosatropicana.etourism.net.au/

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